Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Sit Kicker Toolkits

If you’ve already ordered and received your free Sit Kicker desk(s), log in to your account and order again. You‘ll now be paying for extra desks and material.
If the Sit Kicker kit is still in its original packaging, you can ship it back and we’ll refund the cost of the kit (but not your shipping costs, sorry). Otherwise, all sales are final.
Shipping depends on your location. Shipping costs are calculated at the end of your order.
If you’re outside of Canada, you can’t order online. But we still love you! Email us and we’ll get you to be a Sit Kicker soon enough.

Setting up the Sit Kicker Kit

The Sit Kicker desk fits together quickly and easily. Posters and other material can be displayed in the workplace. The entire kit sets up in less than 30 minutes.
This is where the Principal Sit Kicker comes in. The most important part is making sure everything gets set up and displayed. We recommend sending out an all staff email and saying a few words about Sit Kicker at a staff meeting (we provide a sample email and talking points).

Using the Sit Kicker App

Each consecutive day you track your standing with the Sit Kicker app, it will increase the length of your streak. A five-day streak means you used the desk and tracked your standing in the app five days in a row. (Weekends aren’t included, but you shouldn’t sit all weekend either.)
Go to the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) and search “Sit Kicker”. Download the app for free and then register for an account. Now you’re a Sit Kicker, too.
Each time you check in your counter will increase. Depending on the type of check in, your total standing time will increase by either 5 minutes or 30 minutes.

Other Questions

In 2016, ParticipACTION, Canada’s premier physical activity brand, released a report in concert with their Sneak It In Week that noted, among other things, “The majority of Canadian office workers (63 per cent) are worried about the amount of time spent sitting at work…” Sit Kicker is concerned too! Read more about the report.
We’ve found considerable research about the productivity and health benefits of sitting less at work. One of our key partners,, has a helpful guide to research. For more specific information, here’s some background: Sitting Less and Productivity, Sitting Less and Productivity, Sedentary Behaviour and Obesity, Sedentary Behaviour and Cardiovascular Health, Sedentary Behaviour and Breast/Colon Cancer, Sit/Stand and Back Pain .
Sit Kicker understands that not everyone is able to use the Sit Kicker standing desks. But being less sedentary isn’t always about standing. It can also mean increasing energy expenditure by moving your arms or legs at least every 30 minutes, which means we still want you to participate in the Sit Kicker program. When you are being less sedentary while working, track “Standing Work” on the app. When you are taking a quick, less sedentary break, track “Standing Break”. Also, the Sit Kicker website is WCAG 2.0 A compliant.